The Omaha Chapter of the American Wine Society (AWS) was formed in 2006 for the purpose of holding wine tastings and other wine-related social activities.

The chapter tastings are organized once a month by chapter members who chose a theme, buy the wines, provide tasting notes about the wines and offer light refreshments following the tasting. The cost of the tasting is shared by the people attending the event and is generally between $10-$20. Guests are always welcome.

Guests are allowed to attend 2 chapter tastings prior to joining the chapter and the AWS. Chapter dues pay for tasting supplies such as wine glasses and other items used at the tastings, AWS dues provide members with a bi-monthly newsletters. The national dues also provide the local chapter with a $1 million liability insurance policy.

The AWS is devoted to education people on all aspects of wine. Its mission is “Promoting Appreciation of Wine Through Education’. Members include wine novices, experts, grape growers, amateur and professional wine makers, chefs, wine educators and anyone interested in learning more about the appreciation of wine and gastronomy. The AWS also sponsors a national conference each fall that draws wine-lovers, winemakers and gastronomes. Prominent national and international speakers conduct seminars and lectures on all aspect of wine making as well as wine and food pairings. Visit the National Website

To learn more about upcoming events and notes from prior tastings, follow us on Facebook – Omaha Chapter American Wine Society. Visit us on Facebook